The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018) (some spoilers)

“Why is someone like you working the night shift at a morgue?”

Though The Possession of Hannah Grace posses this question in it’s dialogue, it never quite manages to answer this question for itself. To say this movie is a cliche is to give it a pass. Instead it is a horrible cliche.

We meet Megan, a former cop played by Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars fame (I’ve never seen this show, nor do I know what it’s about), who is struggling to rebuild her world after her partner is shot the line of duty. Megan blames herself, which considering what little the movie lets us see if this, makes total sense because it is in effect, entirely her fault. She is working hard to prove herself and gets a job at Boston Metropolitan Hospital as an intake assistant.

By the time we get to the weirdness surrounding Hannah Grace arrival in the hospital, we know Megan is an alcoholic, pill addicted liar whose boyfriend (also a cop) left her because he couldn’t deal any more. So why in the heck would you take a job working at a morgue by yourself?

It makes no sense,  though the movie strives at every turn to make us fall in love with Megan and believe in her ability to take on the seriously weird shit that goes down on her shift. There are a few redeeming qualities of this film. For one, Hannah Grace is not just a phantom that exists in Megan’s head. She attacks other people and they can see her, though I’m never entirely sure what any one did do deserve her treatment. Also her dad, (Hannah Grace’s actual killer) survives for waaaay too long in the movie, for a girl who kills to heal herself as well is demonically possessed. I believe this was a ploy by the filmmakers to stop us from thinking about why Megan survives as long as she does. But in the end, we don’t get the ending we want or the one we deserve. I have never wanted to see someone’s eye so much in my entire life, but we are in no way rewarded despite having sat through this entire film.

I’ll give in 2 stars out of 5, but I suggest saving your coins until this is on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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