The Invoked

This movie should have been called “Messing” or “Continual Screaming”. A found footage film, it centers on 5 friends who decide to visit an off the beaten track hostel for Halloween.

The film starts where it ends, with the police breaking into the hostel where they are staying, saying there had been some weird noises and they were going to investigate with the innkeeper. The place is abandoned and a mess, but they find a camera and so we are introduced to the friends. Keira, Lynn, Aaron, Paddy and Craig are driving to a youth hostel. They seem like young kids, possibly college aged. Craig and Kiera are dating and Lynn and Craig are just starting out. Aaron just appears to be a 5th wheel to be honest. I think he may have been related to one of the couples, but I think I may have missed it.

Anyway, they arrive at their destination late at night, and have to take a boat to get to the hostel. They arrive and let themselves in. I was never quite sure if they broke in or if for some weird reason Paddy had a key, but they get in and theres no power. Soon they set up, and decide to start telling horror stories about their location. It turns out, they are near a burial ground that has some not so fascinating, unoriginal story attached to it. Drunk and careless, the group decides to fashion a homemade ouija board and summon the spirits. This turns out to be a really bad idea, as they summon a ghost who just wants her kids back. Admittedly super scary (not), but Lynn spends most of this time screaming unintelligibly. I get that she was creeped out, but her hysterics soon become annoying. The group finally decides to go to bed, but then the next day begin their stupid antics again.

They drink too much, party too hard, tell stupid stories, and visit the burial ground. Despite her hysteria from the night before, Lynn goes with. If she was truly terrified, why not stay back? In fact, she was the one who suggests they go to the burial ground in the first place. It is at this point the film becomes great. With the shaky cam, we begin to see the ghosts, while the kids remain blissfully unaware. When they get back to the hostel, drunk and high, Aaron finds the first ghost. Of course no one takes him seriously, but the pace of the film picks up dramatically. As they are Irish, everyone initially believes that someone off camera is just “messing”. It becomes annoying after a bit, because this word is used so much in  10 minute sequence, you actually want to yell at the television, “NO THEY ARE NOT MESSING!!!” Between questions, Lynn keeps screaming and Kiera joins in as well.

This film is not original in its theme, or even it’s cast, though I do have to say, their ghosts are pretty interesting. They appear to be a cross between American and Japanese horror with their quick movements and incredibly flowing hair. I think if the film wasn’t FF, it may have been a bit better. There are a lot of solid scares though, that more than make up for the fact that Lynn won’t stop screaming.


3 out of 5.

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